Frequently asked questions regarding your bike tour in Amsterdam

1. How do I book and pay for my bike tour?

Get in contact with Fine Cycling Amsterdam by phone, email or contact form. Let us know which day and time you prefer, once it's confirmed, decide to pay in cash, invoice or credit card.

 2. When is it best to book my bike tour?

Group Bike Tour

Best to book early as possible to ensure your space on the smallest group tour in Amsterdam.

Private Bike Tour

As soon as possible, we're a small enterprise that cannot guarantee there will be last minute availability.

3. Where is the meeting point?

Group Bike Tour

We meet at Black City Bikes, Prins Hendrikkade, 11, Amsterdam.

Private Bike Tour

We meet where is easiest for you, most people choose their hotel.

 4. What time does the bike tour begin?

Group Bike Tour

Our schedule and start times are on the Group Bike tour page. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your tour begins.

Private Bike Tour

Your private bike tour begins when you want, seven days a week. An early morning cycle or late evening cycle can also be fun.

5. What happens if it rains?

Group Bike Tour

Your tour guide will provide you with a poncho to prevent getting too wet

Private Bike Tour

We will adjust the tour finding little pit stops, or go for it with a poncho.

6. Will we be cycling for the whole duration of the tour?

On both tours we stop for a refreshment for 20 to 30 minutes to soak in the atmosphere of this stunning city.

7. Is it safe to cycle in Amsterdam?

We care about safety and quality. Your cycle guide will ensure you understand the rules regarding cycle lanes and traffic, plus take you on the quietest, safest and most scenic routes through the city.

8. Can we bring children?

Let us know the age and riding ability of your children and we may be able to accommodate.

9. What should I wear?

Dress how you feel most comfortable, you can cycle with high heels, a skirt or even in a suit. On your black city bike people will assume that you are local.

10. I don't know Amsterdam well enough to design my private bike tour?

Relax as our fine selection of routes will give you rounded and knowledgeable facts as well as fun stories of Amsterdam throughout all the centuries. If you wish to know more history regarding any one subject, ask your guide to delve into it and they can adjust the route and story to suit.

Any other questions, or to book, don't hesitate to get in contact.

Group Bike Tour
39,00 €  
Private Bike Tour
From 200,00 €